Dr. François Lechanoine, neurosurgeon (Senior Consultant) specialist in pathologies of the skull / brain, spine and pediatrics, previously in service in France, moved to Italy and currently collaborates with the Maria Cecilia Hospital (GVM Care & Research Groupof Cotignola (Ravenna), high specialty hospital, accredited by the National Health Service and agreed with most of the international insurance circuits.

His wealth of skills is strengthened thanks to the comparison with different surgical techniques practiced in Europe and America, including the neuroendoscopy intraventricular and transphenoidal, the vascular surgery and tumors intracerebral and skull base, neurosurgery pediatric and mininvasive surgery of the spine. He has performed more than 2300 surgical procedures, of which 1400 as first operator.



Neurosurgery outpatient clinic

The neurosurgeon carries out visits for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and of the spine, of adults and children, for which the surgical solution may be indicated.






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Hospitalization and surgical interventions are performed at the Maria Cecilia Hospital of Cotignola - Villa Maria Group - Care & Research - (RA), private hospital of high specialty, accredited by the National Health System and with most of the international insurance circuits, together with a team of experienced and qualified neurosurgeons in all specialties of neurosurgery.


Some surgeries for spinal pathologies are performed at the Little Daughters Hospital of Parma, agreement with the SSN and with most of the international insurance circuits.



Hospitalization is usually done one day before the surgery. 


Covid-19: Information on the possibilities of visits by relatives to patients on the websites of the facilities.



Little Daughters Hospital