Neurosurgery outpatient clinic

Dr. Lechanoine performs neurosurgical examinations for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and of the spine.

When to do a neurosurgical visit and how?

Dr. Lechanoine performs neurosurgical visits for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system and of the spine.

It is appropriate to distinguish the neurosurgical examination concerning the skull from the neurosurgical examination concerning the spine.

Pathologies of the spine

The visit is recommended when there is ainstability spine (fractures, tumors) or when spinal pains (neck pain, low back pain), pain or deficit of peripheral nerves (sciatica, cruralgia, cervicobrachialgia) have important repercussions on daily life, to the point of becoming a lot disabling.

Diseases of the skull

The visit is recommended as soon as a pathology has been discovered intracranial o brain (Both benign and malignant); a fortiori when the patient presents symptoms of alteration of the neurological functions (paralysis of the limbs, cognitive alterations, facial, gaze, vision paralysis ...) or in the most serious cases there is a vital risk.


During the visit, the neurosurgeon collects all useful information, carries out a neurological examination and interprets the instrumental examinations carried out before the visit (radiographs, CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, electromyography (EMG), evoked potentials, etc.).

The neurosurgeon may deem it useful to carry out other instrumental tests and, in this case, prescribe them.

Based on the data collected, it can propose a surgery, which is planned with the patient, advising and guiding him in order to the type of intervention most suited to the pathology, conditions and age of the patient.

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