Hospitalization and surgical interventions are performed at the Maria Cecilia Hospital of Cotignola - Villa Maria Group - Care & Research - (RA), a highly specialized private hospital, affiliated with the National Health System, together with a team of expert and qualified neurosurgeons in all the specialties of neurosurgery.

Hospitalization can be carried out by agreement with the SSN., from paying or from secured. The Structure collaborates with the majority of Insurance Bodies, Mutual Funds and Supplementary Health Funds Health Insurance).


Where is the structure located and how to reach it?

Maria Cecilia Hospital

It is located in Via Corriera, 1, 48033 Cotignola (RA) - Emilia-Romagna

  • Automotive: A few km from the motorway: exit the A14 (towards Ravenna) take the Cotignola exit, turn right and continue straight for 3km. Ample parcheggio free outdoor.
  • Train: Lugo railway station at 3km
    Every weekday there is a free shuttle service that connects the clinic to the center of Lugo and the train station.
  • Plane: Bologna airport at 62km


What is the path before admission?

Once a surgical indication has been established for a pathology of the skull or spine, an intervention date is scheduled for the patient. The latter is then contacted byHospitalization Office in order to retrieve your data and provide information on hospitalization.

Generally, anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs should be suspended for a preoperative period determined by the surgeon and anesthetist.

In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, a telephone interview is carried out to identify potential risk factors and a swab before entering the facility.

Il buffer it is usually done 24-48 hours before admission. Pending the results, the patient is required to remain in the area. A list of hotels and B&B agreements with the structure is provided to the patient and any accompanying persons. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, visitors are not allowed to enter the facility (with the exception of accompanying minors or patients with intellectual or motor difficulties).

The patient introduces himself to theacceptance office to register and wait for your turn for the swab.

In this pre-admission phase, the essential tests are carried out before the intervention: anesthetic visit, possible radiographs of the thorax and electrocardiogram, blood tests, and eventual evaluation cardiological by the specialist. The neurosurgeon can provide for complementary examinations on the brain or spine.


What is the path from hospitalized?

Once the Pre-Hospitalization has been performed and the negative result for the swab is obtained, the patient is admitted to the hospital Department of Neurosurgery the day before surgery.

It has been visited since nursing staff to carry out data collection, treatment administration, any blood tests, explain the preoperative preparation (shower, fasting ...). Then he is visited by the internist for the anamnestic collection of his medical history, any allergies and his therapies, making any adjustments in view of the intervention. L'anesthetist visit the patient to evaluate the type of anesthesia suitable and the peri-operative risks. A cardiological visit may be scheduled in case a more in-depth evaluation is required.

The patient is then welcomed by the team of neurosurgeons to collect the clinical history, perform a new clinical examination and explain the intended surgical treatment, evaluating the benefits and risks of the same. Finally, the informed consent duly signed by the patient.

As far as hospitalization is concerned, the Maria Cecilia Hospital offers the patient the opportunity to stay in private suites equipped with every comfort, a room for the companion and hotel staff available (Reserved hospitalization area).

The Maria Cecilia Hospital is equipped with bar, restaurant, drugstore, hairdresser, minimarket ...